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Waste less the “Swap Shop” way

You could be sitting on plenty of clutter which is of no use to you but can be for another. So why not think before you purge and toss unwanted goods as garbage and rather put it to good use by contributing to a “Swap shop.” As the name suggests it is a simple public platform where reusable products that are not of use for one individual family can be conserved and given to another.

That dress from last summer that does not fit you anymore, your replaced old mobile phone or even toys which you want to give away can reach the right individual through a swap shop.

 Under the statewide Haritha Keralam cleanliness campaign in Kerala, these shops are arranged over 80 Urban local bodies and poses as a platform for the public to obtain clean and reusable items free of cost.

Local self-governance bodies have the primary responsibility for arranging the functions of swap-shops, which are being set up with active public participation.The collected materials would be segregated and displayed in stalls. Suchitwa Mission has given necessary instructions to set up swap-shops in an attractive manner.


Swap Shop