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Visitors :


State Mission Directorate

State Mission Directorate

1. Sri. Mir Mohammed Ali IAS (B.Tech, Masters in Political Science)
Executive Director
Contact no:7558017816


2. Sri. Philip. P. D (M.A. Sociology, Diploma in RD, Health Inspector Certificate holder)
Director (Operations)
Contact no:9447268452




3. Sri. Bijoy K Varghese (Bachelor of Law)

Director (Drinking Water)
Contact no : 9447127632
Email : bijoykvr@gmail.com



3. Sri. Abdul Salim ()

Director (Solid Waste Management)
Contact no : 9447922373
Email : salimadc@gmail.com



4. Sri.Renju R Pillai (M.Tech in Geotechnical & Geo-environmental Engg., IIT Delhi)

Director (Solid Waste Management)
Contact no:9961085455 




5. Director (Liquid Waste Management )



6. Smt. Resmimol. K (M.Sc Physics, B.Ed)
Programme Officer (Monitoring)
Contact no.: 9446534312




7. Smt. Resmi P. S  (M.Tech - Environmental Engineering)

Programme Officer (Training) & Expert (LWM) i/c
Contact No : +91 9497360907
Email : aeresmi@gmail.com




8. Sri. Anoop P K 

Programme Officer (Health)
Contact no: 9447553348
Email: anoop.cbi@gmail.com


 09. Sri. Vipin S (M.Tech in Environmental Engineering) 

Sanitation Expert
Contact no: 9446252758
Email: vipigcek@gmail.com


 10. Smt. Aswathy S Pillai (MCJ, MBA) 

IEC Expert
Contact no: 9447455625
Email: aswathyspillai@gmail.com


11. Sri. Savio Jose (B.E - Electronics & Communication)
MIS Expert
Contact no:  +91 9962360406

Email: saviojose23@gmail.com


 12. Sri. Ameersha. R. S (B.Ed, MSW, MA (Sociology))

Programme Officer (CCDU)
Contact no:9847718096



 13. Sri. Abraham Thomas Renjith ( MSW)

Programme Officer (IEC)
Contact no:9447849946 




 14Sri. Vidhu Krishna (MBA, MA (Sociology))
Programme Officer (IT)
Contact no:8281699033  

Email: vidhukrishna@gmail.com


 15.Smt. Chinnu Uthara Zachariah  (CA Inter, B.Com)

 Programme Officer (Finance)
Contact no:9447585454  

 Email: utharaprivi@gmail.com



16. Smt. Saranya V Raj (B.Tech, Anna University)
Senior Consultant (Technology)
Contact no:7034094534   

Email: saranya.v.raj@gmail.com  




Sl. No. Name Designation Mobile Email Project / Programme
18 Sri.Raju.M.D Technical Assistant 9495191091  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Engineering Wing
19 Sri. B. Rajasekharan Nair Technical Assistant 9446033836  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Engineering Wing
20 Smt.P.P.Aisha kumari CA to Executive Director 9446556966 aishamuraleedhar@gmail.com Confidential assistant
21 Sri.Satheesh Clerk 9446846195  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Administration
22  Sri.Rejith Raj  Computer Programmer 9447326796 smrejith@gmail.com  
23 Smt.Chithra.R Accountant 9847236766  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Accounts
24 Sri.Varadarajan  Clerk (A) 9745879082  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Office Administration
25 Smt.Meena Kumari Typist/DEO(A) 9446351740  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Office Administration
26 Smt.Rajani.T.R DEO (D) 9495826985  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Office Administration
27 Smt.Sheena.L.S DEO (C6) 9496748323  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Office Administration
30 Smt.Beena R.S. DEO (C2) 9544612442  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Office Administration
31 Smt.Sisily Jacob DEO (B) 9995702522  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Office Administration
32 Smt. Sainey Ravindran Clerk (D1) 8137072722  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Office Administration
33 Smt.Vanaja N DEO (C1) 9745038807  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Office Administration
34 Sri. Shibi DEO (C2) 9495121594  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Office Administration
35 Smt. Vineetha DEO (E) 9388180985  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in  Office Administration
36 Smt.Mayoori M Nair DEO (C5)  7593981342  sanitation.sm@kerala.gov.in Haritha Keralam
37 Sri. R. Vijayakumaran Nair Driver 9446332928   Office Administration
38 Sri.M.Rajesh Driver 9495303155   Office Administration
39 Sri.Jinu Stanley Driver 9895982161   Office Administration
40 Smt.Sasikala Peon     Office Administration
41 Smt. Sreekala Peon     Office Administration
42 Smt.Shiji Peon 9496395819   Office Administration
43 Shri.Radhakrishnan Security 8943903315   Office Administration
44 Sri.Shinu Security 8943903315   Office Administration