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Resource Persons

Responsibilities of Resource Persons

(State level to Local body level)

A.State level Key Resource Persons

  1. Provide necessary guidance and support in planning, preparing action plans and executing various waste management projects implemented through District Suchitwa Missions
  2. Keep regular contacts with District Suchitwa Missions
  3. Provide support to identify district level resource persons and necessary support to train and orient them
  4. Carry out tasks as per District Suchitwa Missions directions, towards organising green protocol activities in various institutions, awareness classes etc.
  5. Keep regular contacts with Local Bodies regarding Suchitwa Mission projects and submit timely activity reports to District Suchitwa Mission Coordinator
  6. Visit the local bodies that implement Suchitwa Mission Projects and assess the progress of projects and give necessary guidance to Local Bodies
  7. Enable district resource persons towards implementing campaigns at Local Body level
  8. Plan and execute capacity building activities for District Resource Persons in consultation with District Coordinators in a timely manner
  9. To enable the Local Bodies prepare projects giving importance to non-bio degradable waste management, work in tandem with District Resource Persons. Give proper advice to Local Bodies in related domains
  10. Convene monthly meeting of District Resource Persons without fail and apprise and orient the resource persons regarding the communication from State Suchitwa Misison
  11. Select District Resource Persons, organise trainings in a time bound manner and support district suchitwa mission in sending the list of district resource persons selected and undergone training.

B.District Resource Persons

  1. As per directions of District Suchitwa Misison and State Level Key Resource Persons, provide necessary support to Local Bodies in planning and implementing Waste Management projects
  2. Act a link between Local Bodies and District Suchtiwa Mission in coordinating their activities
  3. Inform the directions of District Mission to Local Bodies in time and provide necessary support to Local Bodies in following them
  4. Provide necessary support to Local Bodies in preparing action plans on zero waste projects in consultation with elected representatives and different voluntary organisations and help Local Bodies in implementing the plans
  5. Intervene promptly whenever local bodies require support in implementing green protocol activities
  6. Facilitate linkages between Local Bodies and Merchants Association, RWAs, Governmental & Non-Governmental Institutions
  7. Participate in the sanitation and awareness activities in the Local Body area and provide necessary support to Local Bodies in organising the activities
  8. Take up the responsibility of organising sanitation campaigns and implement them
  9. With the support of Local Bodies and District Suchitwa Mission organise special campaigns and green protocol activities with special focus to educational institutions
  10. Support District Suchitwa Mission and State Level Key Resource Persons to identify Local Body level resource persons and organise capacity building activities for the identified resource persons in collaboration with elected representatives. Also, plan and implement sanitation campaigns in collaboration with Libraries, Anganawadies, Youth Clubs, Youth Welfare organisations etc
  11. Provide necessary support to complete the registration process of scrap dealers
  12. Organise local body level resource persons’ meeting following the district level resource persons review meeting and share the directions received in the review meeting to them
  13. Complete the process of identification and capacity building of local body level resource persons in a time bound manner and provide the list to state suchitwa mission through district suchitwa mission

 C.Local Body Level Resource Persons

  1. Implement Waste Management projects of Suchitwa Mission and Local Bodies in the entrusted wards as per directions of district Suchitwa mission and State, District Resource persons
  2. Help local bodies in planning and implementing ward level waste management projects. Participate in gramasabhas without fail and give necessary suggestions.
  3. Plan and implement sanitation campaigns in collaboration with Residence Associations to make the RWAs waste free
  4. Help Local bodies in organising meetings and ‘suchitwa gramasabhas’
  5. Help local bodies in implementing waste management projects and pro-actively intervene whenever the local bodies face difficulties in implementing
  6. Visit government offices in villages and municipalities, discuss green protocol activities and act as a catalyst to implement green protocol in offices. take necessary measures towards implementing green protocol in festivals, celebrations, marriage functions, public functions etc
  7. Towards achieving suchiwa ward status, bring political, cultural, social consensus and work in tandem with them
  8. Coordinate sanitation activities in collaboration with concerned government officials responsible for implementing government projects, Arts and Sports clubs, social organisations, anganawadies, ASHA workers in the ward
  9. Take necessary steps to ensure the services of voluntary organisations
  10. Prepare Local bodies in announcing zero waste wards by providing all necessary services in collaboration with ward members/councillors
  11. Convene meetings once in a month as per the directions of District Level Resource Persons and implement directions of District Suchitwa Mission