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Solid Waste Management plant & its modification MRF/RRF, Plastic shredding unit

Solid waste processing and management

Suchitwa Mission (SM) extends technical support to Local Self Government Institutions in identifying issues, suggesting mitigation measures in Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSW). Accordingly, the Mission helps the Local Self Governments to prepare Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for the construction of new waste treatment plants as well as modification of existing plants including upgradation of all components of MSW.The Mission scrutinizes the DPRs technically and issues technical approval for the projects. 100% financial support for implementation of these projects is provided to the LSGIs. The scheme includes construction/modification of waste treatment plants includes establishment of Plastic shredding units, Up-gradation of solid waste management facility, support in establishing Material Recovery Facility (MRF), facilitation for preparation of DPRs, etc. Considering the gravity of the problem, now SM focuses on the missing components in the Solid Waste Management System i.e.  Development of Sanitary landfill, Green belt, Resource Recovery Centre/Material Recovery Facility for the Management of non-biodegradables including e-waste. The Resource Recovery Centres/MRF will help the local bodies to collect the non-degradable and to hand over the same to Recyclers/scrap dealers in a massive manner. Community level composting/biogas units of bigger sizeis also promoted in this component. Development of Regional Sanitary Landfill is another focus area of Suchitwa Mission.

Material Recovery Facilities

MRF is a centre where non-compostable solid waste can be temporarily stored by the local body or any person

authorised by the ULB to facilitate segregation, sorting and recovery of various components of waste by informal sector of waste pickers or any other work force engaged for the purpose before the waste in delivered or taken up for its processing or disposal. Suchitwa Mission provides technical and financial support to Local Self Government Institutions for such units.


Swap shops

The concept ‘Swap-Shop’, aims at providing a public system for exchanging reusable goods that could be useful for others. Local self-governance bodies have the primary responsibility for arranging the functions of swap-shops, which are being set up with active public participation of 93 municipalities.  As part of the campaign, drop facility centres that would collect and store the permissible items from public have been put up at various places by local self-governing bodies.

The collected materials would be segregated and displayed in stalls.