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a. Semi-Automated Slaughter house

Present system of killing animals poses several significant logistical, and public health and pollution problems. A slaughterhouse/abattoir is a facility where animals are scientifically and hygienically killed for consumption as food. Public aversion makes it difficult to finalise location for slaughterhouses. It is the responsibility of LSGs to comply with the rules and regulations regarding slaughtering activity that comes under their jurisdiction.
In these circumstances, Suchitwa mission along with urban directorate is providing technical and financial sanctions and assistance to LSGIs for their projects of modern abattoirs. LSGs are eligible for a 50% subsidy for setting up Slaughter house if they come up with good projects.

Slaughter house at Kattappana
Inside view of slaughter house







b. Crematorium

Suchitwa mission along with the urban directorate is providing technical and financial sanctions and technical assistance to LSGs for their projects of LPG crematorium.

Crematorium at Pachalam, Ernakulam
Inside view of Crematorium










c. Pre-Monsoon Cleaning Activity
During Monsoon season, contagious diseases usually hit many places in the State. One of the main reasons is blocking of drainage systems with garbage and mud - for the spread of mosquitoes and other vectors. Local bodies need to conduct dry day and need to dispose of the accumulated solid waste prior to monsoon. Suchitwa Mission has been providing an amount of Rs.10, 000/- and Rs. 20,000/- for grama panchayat and ULBs respectively for conducting pre-monsoon cleaning activities every year.
In the year 2016-17 too Suchitwa Mission provided funds on this account

d. Assistance to promote recycling and other eco-friendly industries, business, enterprises, etc.

As most of the non-biodegradable waste has a good recycling value and since recycling is one of the most environment friendly activities, such industries which recycle waste and produce useful products should be encouraged. Likewise, production and sales of other eco-friendly products (cloth bags for instance) should also be encouraged. Therefore, it is envisaged that such industries and businesses can be encouraged through Capital subsidy and other such instruments of financial assistance to given either directly or through Industries Department. Assistance to Panchayats shall be provided based on projects.