SIno Name of the Local Body Name of the Project File Received Date Issue DateReturned Date Status TS Amount File No
1HarippadRevised Estimate Thumboormuzhi model Aerobic composting units (6+6+6+5+2 bins) at 5 various places of Harippadu Municipality11.04.1825.05.18 TS Issued2,000,000.003517/C2/2017/SM
2ThiruvananthapuramSlaughter House at Kunnukuzhi ward12.04.1830.07.18 TS Issued89,500,000.00969/C2/2014/SM
3Kasaragod DPKasaragod Development Package-(200 KLD) Waste Water Treatment Plant at Kasaragod District Hospital & General Hospital25.04.18 Placed in TC on 20.10.18Returned for modification1453/G/2018/SM
4ThiroorSTP - Thiroor Municipality - 50 KLD Waste Water Treatment Plant at Municipal Busstand 19.04.1812.07.18 TS Issued6,000,000.00236/G/2018/SM
5AluvaLWM - STP at Aluva District hospital31.10.17 Placed in TC on 30.01.18 Rt Dt - 15.02.18 // Placed inTc on 11.04.18 Rt Dt - 18.05.18Returned for modification4189/G/2017/SM
6Thrissur Revamping of 35 KLD STP at Kuriyachira Slaughter House16.06.1801.08.18 TS Issued3,700,000.00691/G/2018/SM
7Mulamkunnathu Kavu GP90 KLD STP at KILA training centre Mulamkunnathu kavu.26.07.1809.08.18 TS Issued9,800,000.003518/G/2017/SM
8AanthoorConstruction of Modern Gas Crematorium at ID plot; Dharmasala in Anthoor Municipality06.08.1829.08.18 TS Issued6,500,000.0013/C2/2017/SM
9Alangadu BP50 KLD STP at Varappuzha Public market03.03.18 Placed in TC on 11.04.18 Rt Dt - 17.05.18Returned for modification741/G/2018/SM
10Chittumala BPSTP at Chittumala Old age home26.06.1804.08.18 TS Issued2,820,000.001159/G/2018/SM
11Irinjalakkuda15 KLD STP at Slaughter House 28.07.1806.09.18 TS Issued802/G/2018/SM
12Irinjalakkuda 2KLD STP at Evening Market28.07.1806.09.18 TS Issued1,772,000.00802/G/2018/SM
13Kollam DP400 KLD STP at Kollam District Hospital & Victoria Hospital Kollam.08.06.1813.07.18 TS Issued22,397,537.00750/G/2013/SM
14Kunnummal BP80 KLD STP at Govt. Taluk Hospital Kuttyadi18.05.1806.06.18Returned for modification475/G/2018/SM
15Aaranmula GPAerobic Compost unit(4 Bins) at Kidangoor Public Market06.06.1808.06.18Returned for modification4887/C6/2012/SM
16Pulimath GPAerobic Compost unit(2 Bins) at poyyakada public Market25.05.1830.07.18 TS issued285,000.002917/C6/2013/SM
17ThiruvananthapuramMaintenance of Biogas plants installed by corporation in various community locations such as Palayam market, Perunelli Market, Manakkadu H.I. office, Sreekandeswaram Park, Nalanchira Market (all are non functional), Kalladi Mukham(Partially working)07.06.1830.07.18 TS issued2,000,000.001570/C2/2008/SM
18ThalasseryRevoked TS Construction of Gas crematorium at Kandikkal, Thalassery.04.07.1802.08.18 TS issued12,800,000.00105/C2/2008/SM
19Kokkayar GPRevised Technical Sanction 23 No.of 1M3 portable type Biogas plant (As per GO (Rt) No. 1409/2018/LSGD dated 22.05.2018 )06.06.1814.06.18 TS issued310,500.00254( E )/C6/2013/SM
20Poroor GPGas crematorium in Ward no. 8 of Poroor Gramapanchayath12.06.1814.06.18TS not issued698/C1/2013/SM
21Kollam30 KLD ETP at Kollam Slaughter house13.08.1823.06.18TA issued545/G/2018/SM
22AttingalIn principle Technical Approval Renovation of Windrow compost plant at Solid waste treatment plant at Attingal Municipality20.06.1808.12.17TA issued14,000,000.001522/C2/2009/SM
23Thiruvananthapuramconstruction of Aerobic compost unit with shed (2 bins) at Govt. quarters of Chief secretary, LSGD20.06.1830.07.18 TS issued335,000.001570/C2/2008/SM (Part File 2)
24Mukhathala BP75 kg/day capacity Dheenabhandhu model Biogas plant at Block Panchayath compound Mukhathala.21.06.1830.07.18 TS issued220,000.002198/C6/2018/SM
25Elamkulam GPGOBARDHAN - In principle Technical Approval 125 kg/day capacity Dheenabandhu model biogas plant at Aligarh Muslim University hostel, Malappuram21.06.1808.02.18TA issued405,000.00177/C1/2018/SM
26Adimaly GPGOBARDHAN Installation of 50 M3 capacity fixed dome type biogas plant at Adimaly public Market.21.06.1811.07.18Returned for modification2027/A/2018/SM
27Thrissur Medical College.Windrow Compost plant, MRF unit at Thrissur Medical College05.10.1825.10.18 TS issued147,000.002129/C1/2011/SM
28Eloor GPRevised Technical Sanction Construction of Aerobic compost bin with shed at FACT Market, Near HILL, at Arattukadavu. 27.06.1801.09.18 TS issued2,723,000.00571/C2/2008/SM
29Parappoor GPConstruction of Aerobic compost unit with shed (2 bins) at M.M.U.P.School, Kuttithara.27.06.1830.07.18 TS issued190,000.002216/C1/2018/SM
30Kanjoor GPConstruction of Aerobic compost unit (2 Bins) at Lissi Park Colony Residents Association.30.06.1827.08.18 TS issued196,000.003590/C6/2012/SM
31Kadakkal GPConstruction (continuation Work) of Modern Slaughter House at Kadakkal Grama panchayath30.06.1805.08.18TS not required3433/C6/2012/SM
32Thirumullavaram30 Kg/day capacity biogas Plant at Thirumullavaram ITI for women, Kollam 03.07.1804.07.18Returned for modification2330/C2/2018/SM
33Thrissur Corp.OWC Plant in all Divisions02.07.1807.07.18Returned for modification1648/C2/2008/SM
34Thrissur Corp.Thumboormuzhi model Aerobic composting Unit at Nehru park02.07.1807.07.18Returned for modification1648/C2/2008/SM
35AttingalIn principle Technical Approval Maintenance of Biogas plants installed by Attingal Municipality at various six locations such as Kechery market, Waste treatment plant, Town Girls High School, Govt. Taluk Hospital, Govt. ITI, DIAT School04.07.18TA issued1,400,000.001522/C2/2009/SM (Part File 4)
36Pattanakkad GP1. Construction of Aerobic compost unit(2 unit) with MCC at Vayalar Jn 2. Construction of Aerobic compost unit(1 unit) with MCC at Krishi bhavan 3. Construction of Aerobic compost unit(1 unit) with MCC near Panchayath Office Building 4. Construction05 07.1830.07.18 TS issued2,100,000.002192/C6/2011/SM
37NEDUMANGADRevised T.S Construction of Slaughter House at Public Market in Nedumangadu Municipality30.05.1802.06.18 TS issued1,890,787.00763/C2/2011/SM
38Elamad GPAerobic compost unit at various six places ( Near Gramapanchayath ofiice, Ambalammukk Jn, Edatharappana Jn, Thevannoor LPS, Elamad UPS, Cheruvaykkal Veterinary Hospital Jn.) of Elamad GramaPanchayath.04 07.1808.07.18TS not required4043/C6/2017/SM
39Kalliyoor GPRenovation of Biogas plant at Santhi vila Public Market at Kalliyoor GP04.07.1807.07.18Returned for modification2786/C6/2014/SM
40Wayanad DPAerobic compost unit (4bins) and 20 KLD waste water treatment plant at Kalpetta Govt. Ayurvedha Hospital04.07.1809.07.18Returned for modification2157/G/2018/SM
41Kozhikode DP50 Kg/day capacity Biogas Plant at Kuttikkattoor Govt. HSS03.07.1807.07.18Returned for modification3827/C1/2010/SM
42Thrippoonithura280 No.s of 0.75 m3 capacity FRP with out water jacket model Biogas plant02.07.1806.07.18 TS issued2,940,000.00378/C2/2009/SM
43Kozhinjam Para GPConstruction of 2 TPD Capacity Windrow compost unit10.09.1829.09.18 TS issued2,600,000.002361/C1/2018/SM
44Kozhinjam Para GPConstruction of MRF at Kozhinjam Para06.07.1818.07.18TS not required2361/C1/2018/SM
45ThiruvananthapuramConstruction of Modern gas crematorium at Kazhakkootam, Kanjiram para and Santhikavadam(existing building) in thiruvananthapuram corp09.07.1829.09.18 TS issued28,230,000.001570/C2/2008/SM
46Nattika GP1000 No.s of portable house hold bio bin units05.07.1816.07.18 TS issued2,200,000.001564/C1/2009/SM
47Pathanamthitta DP220 KLD STP at Kozhanchery district Hospital, Pathanamthitta09.07.1816.07.18Returned for modification2380/G/2018/SM
48Pambakkuda GPConstruction of Aerobic compost unit(3 bins) at Karshika vipanana kendram12.07.1830.07.18 TS issued170,000.00253(A)/C6/2013/SM
49North ParavoorConstruction of MRF unit at 21st ward of North Paravur Municipality10.07.1816.07.18TS not required2,000,000.002372/C2/2010/SM
50Thanaloor GPGOBARDHAN Construction of 100 Kg/day capacity fixed dome type BGP at five various places and 200 kg/day capacity BGP at Community Hall/ Marriage Hall in Thanaloor GP17.06.1820.10.18 TS issued2,370,000.002210/C1/2013/SM
51Koovappadi BPGOBARDHAN 1. Construction of 100 Kg/day Capacity BARC model biogas plant Near Sambar Deer park and Spotted Deer Park 2. Thumboormuzhi model Aerobic Compost bin (10 Bins) (with MCF)near elephant area road 3. Elephant Urine Collection tank 23.07.1814.09.18 TS issued2,300,000.002516/C6/2018/SM
52Konni GPRevised Estimate Construction of Aerobic compost unit at various places of Konni GP27.07.1801.09.18 TS issued1,100,000.002418/C6/2011/SM
53Nedumkandam GP GOBARDHAN Installation of 300 Kg/day capacity BGP at Medumettu Malinya Samskarana Plant09.08.1825.09.18 TS issued1,000,000.001254(A)/C6/2013/SM
54Pambakkuda GP GOBARDHAN Providing 2 M3 BGP for an individual 31.07.1803.08.18Returned for modification253(A)/C6/2013/SM
55Kadakkal GPSTP at Community Hall in Kadakkal25.07.1806.08.18Returned for modification2478/G/2018/SM
56Narippatta GPInstallation of 1080 no.s of Ring compost units03.08.1814.08.18 TS issued2,700,000.001673/C1/2018/SM
57Kodanchery GPInstallation of 1131 no.s of Ring compost units06.08.1810.08.18 TS issued2,827,500.002657/C1/2018/SM
58Olavanna GP429 No.s of 0.5M3 FRP WWJ model BGP03.08.1810.08.18 TS issued4,504,500.002037/C1/2009/SM
59Puthussery GOBARDHAN construction of 500 Kg/day capacity fixed dome type BGP, under Gobardhan project serving for 6 diary farm owners in Puthussery GP. 29.09.1805.10.18 TS issued1,425,000.00316/C1/2010/SM
60Vamanapuram GPMaintenance of Biogas plant at Vamanapuram Public Market 08.08.1810.08.18Returned for modification2687/C6/2018/SM
61Kollam 5000 No.s of Portable household biocomposter units27.07.1817.08.18 TS issued9,000,000.00128/C2/2008/SM
62CochinInstallation of 95 Nos of 0.5 m3 WWJ model BGP17.08,1823.08.18Returned for modification675/C2/2008/SM
63K0zhikode DPCleaning and recommission of Biogas plant at mental Hospital, Kuthiravattam, Kozhikode.26.08.1804.09.18Returned for modification3827/C1/2010/SM
64ThalasseryRevised TS Construction of Gas crematorium at Kandikkal, Thalassery.25.07.1831.08.18 TS issued12,500,000.00105/C2/2008/SM
65NeeleswaramConstruction of Aerobic compost bins(2 bins) near Subtreasury office06.09.1829.09.18 TS issued200,000.003031/C2/2011/SM
66Karuvatta25 Kg/day capacity fixed dome type BGP at Catering unit owned by Mrs.Sindhu.07.09.1815.10.18 TS issued124,400.004875/C6/2012/SM
67KallivathukkalConstruction of Aerobic compost unit (4 bins) at Parippally Market in Kalluvathukkal GP13.09.18 25.09.18 TS issued470,000.003980/C6/2013/SM
68EzhukoneConstruction of Aerobic compost unit at 5 various Schools and one public market (2 x 6 =12 bins)12.09.1815.09.18 TS issued1,432,000.00759/C6/2014/SM
69EramamkuttoorConstruction of 50 Kg/day capacity fixed dome type Biogas plant at 5 various schools in Eramamkuttor GP12.09.1825.09.18 TS issued1,050,000.002677/C1/2013/SM
70KozhikodeCleaning and recommission of Biogas plant at District jail, Kozhikode.12.09.1817.09.18Returned for modification174/C2/2008/SM
71KozhikodeNight Soil based Biogas plant for Institute of Management in Government at Kozhikode Medical college.12.09.1817.09.18Returned for modification174/C2/2008/SM
72KozhikodeNight Soil based Biogas plant for Government District Hospital at Vadakara in Kozhikode.12.09.1817.09.18Returned for modification174/C2/2008/SM
73KozhikodeNight Soil based Biogas plant for Government Nursing School, Beach Road in Kozhikode District.12.09.1817.09.18Returned for modification174/C2/2008/SM
74PoruvazhiConstruction of Aerobic compost unit at Chakkuvally Market (6 bins) and Govt.UPS Edakkad(2 bins).18.09.1801.10.18 TS issued1,175,000.001463/C6/2013/SM
75kulathupuzhaOWC plant at Channamala waste treatment plant24.09.18Processing3122/C6/2018/SM
76kulathupuzhaconstruction of modern Gas crematorium at Kalluvettamkuzhi24.09.1828.09.18TS not required3122/C6/2018/SM
77kulathupuzhaOWC plant near Panchayath Office Building24.09.1831.10.18Returned for modification3122/C6/2018/SM
78kozhencheryRevamping of Biogas plans at Public Market and Stadium and balance flooring work of newly constructed waste management shed.24.09.1829.09.18 TS issued1,300,000.001385/C6/2012/SM
79valavannoor50 kg/day capacity Biogas Plant at Poultry Farm owned by Mr.Harif Thayyil.27.09.18Processing5344/C1/2012/SM
80Kozhikode3000 No.of I m3 FRP WWJ BGP and 8000 Ring compost units26.09.1801.10.2018 TS issued60,500,000.00174/C2/2008/SM
81Venganoor Biogas plant for Govt. LPS Nellivila, Venganoor28.09.1829.09.18Returned for modification3149/C6/2018/SM
82Malayankeezh1. 39 Nos of Non Biodegradable waste collection box 2. 3 unit of Bucket compost unit 3. 11 unit of Ring compost unit. 4. Biogas plant repairing (1 No)28.09.1817.10.18 TS issued55,000.00351/C6/2013/SM
83Kattakkada1. 48 Nos of Non Biodegradable waste collection box 2. 1 unit of Bucket compost unit 3. 15 unit of Ring compost unit. 4. Aerobic compost unit (2 No)28.09.1817.10.18 TS issued862,500.0097/C6/2004/SM
84Vilavoorkkal1. 15 Nos of Non Biodegradable waste collection box 2. 2 unit of Bucket compost unit 3. 1 unit of Ring compost unit. 4. Biogas plant repairing (1 No)28.09.1817.10.18 TS issued17,000.003167/C6/2018/SM
85Pallichal1. 45 Nos of Non Biodegradable waste collection box 2. 1 unit of Bucket compost unit 3. 2 unit of Ring compost unit. 4. Biogas plant repairing (7 Nos)28.09.1817.10.18 TS issued63,500.002217/C6/2011/SM
86NavayikkulamAerobic compost unit at Kallambalam public market in Navayikulam GP29.09.1815.10.18 TS issued400,000.00454/C6/2013/SM
87Vilappil1. 24 Nos of Non Biodegradable waste collection box 2. 1 unit of Bucket compost unit 3. 3 Nos of Ring compost unit. 4. Aerobic compost unit (1 No)01.10.1817.10.18 TS issued420,500.00425/C6/2015/SM
88Maranalloor1. 33 Nos of Non Biodegradable waste collection box 2. 1 unit of Bucket compost unit 3. 6 unit of Ring compost unit. 4. Aerobic compost unit (1 No) 5. Maintenance of Biogas Plant (2 No.s)01.10.1817.10.18 TS issued442,500.00202/C6/2015/SM
89PunalurRevised estimate Construction of modern crematorium16.10.18Processing9,339,100.00732/C2/2008/SM
90NavayikkulamAerobic compost unit at 28th public market in Navayikulam GP29.09.1815.10.18 TS issued800,000.00454/C6/2013/SM
91KozhikodeConstruction of Organic Manure Production Unit (Rendering plant) at Koothali district Agricultural farm in Kozhikode04.10.1818.10.17Processing3756/C1/2017/SM
92ThiruvananthapuramRevised Estimate MRF, RRC at various wards of Kannamoola & Medical College11.10.1820.10.18 TS issued1,801,307.001570/C2/2008/SM
93ChemancheryInstallation of crematorium Furnace,Chimney,etc.06.10.1806.10.18TS not required496(14)/C1/2012/SM
94NilamelMRF center construction08.10.1811.10.18TS not required1085/C6/2013/SM
95Thrisur Construction of Windrow compost unit and MRF center at thrissur Medical College campus11.10.1825.10.18 TS issued4,470,000.002196/C1/2018/SM
96ChiraikkalConstruction of Aerobic compost unit (10 bins) at puthiya theruv market in ChiraykkalGP12.10.1820.10.18 TS issued1,092,000.004776/C6/2012/SM
97Pazhayakunnumal 121 No.s of portable type FRP wwj model BGP 10.10.1820.10.18 TS issued1,270,500.00244/C6/2009/SM
98KayamkulamRevised Technical sanction installation of aerobic compost unit at 9 various places of kayamkulam municipality16.10.1812.11.18 TS issued2,796,752.0035/C2/2009/SM
99NalleppilliConstruction of Aerobic compost unit at Panchayath Auditorium, Nalleppili, Palakkadu15.10.1825.10.18 TS issued288,000.00383/C1/2013/SM
100PunalurRevised Technical sanction Construction of MRF16.10.18Processing9,339,310.00732/C2/2008/SM
101Vamanapuram BPRenovation of Biogas plant at Kanyakulangara CHC16.10.1824.10.18 TS issued32,176.001060/C6/2018/SM
102KaravaramConstruction of Aerobic compost unit (4 Bins) at Govt. UPS Vanchiyoor, Mevarakkal LPS15.10.1809.11.18 TS issued400,000.002284/C6/2017/SM
103Kuravilangad GOBARDHAN Construction of 500 Kg/day capacity Biogas plant at Kuravilangadu Public Market.16.10.1825.10.18Returned for modification935/C6/2012/SM
104Ranni- PazhavangadiConstruction of Aerobic compost unit(2+3 bins) at Ward 15 in Ranni - Pazhzvangadi GP26.10.1805.11.18Returned for modification3322/C6/2012/SM
105NarikkuniMaintenance of Biogas plants near village office.29.10.1812.11.18 TS issued450,000.002973(2)/C1/2014/SM
106OthukkungalConstruction of 50 Kg/day Capacity biogas plants at GMLP School Mattathoor, GMLP School Puthoor, AMLPS Mattathoor North and 75 Kg/day capacity Biogas plant at GHSS Othukkungal23.10.1812.11.18 TS issued905,000.001488/C1/2013/SM
107ChavaraGobardhan Construction of 200, 100 Kg/day capacity Biogas plant at two Tsunami Colonies in Chavara GP 24.10.18Processing2314/C1/2012/SM
108PunalurRevised Estimate Construction of MRF,Aerobic compost unit, RRC01.11.18Processing732/C2/2008/SM PART FILE 1
109AttingalSolid waste management unit(MCF,Aerobic compost unit) at Valiyakunnu Taluk Hospital, Attingal09.11.18Processing

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