Friday 04th of September 2015    

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Sanitation for all


Shri Oommen Chandy
Hon'ble Chief Minister              
Government of Kerala

Mr. M. K. Muneer

Minister for Panchayats and

Social Welfare


A waste free Kerala with unpolluted environment  public hygiene and cleanliness.  It is expected to be reflected in better quality of life due to improved health and general well being, economic gains, better aesthetic surroundings and overall environmental upgradation.


Sanitation for all
Catalyze development of an attitudinal change among the people of   Kerala towards waste management and environmental up keep.
Enable achievement of an overall hygienic environment
Facilitate implementation of comprehensive scientific waste  management systems
Promote employment of appropriate technology
Facilitate active community participation
To achieve waste reduction at source

A new healthy citizenship believing in zero waste concept.  Reduce, Reuse,
Recycle and Recover at least 80%  of the waste generated

A society inclined to create wealth from waste.




Public Office Sanitation

Green Kerala Express



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