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The coverage of sewerage facilities, even in the City Corporations, is extremely low of the order of 30% in Thiruvananthapuram and 5% in Kochi Corporation areas, probably one of the lowest in the country. Even in this system, the provision for treating the black liquor is almost absent. Rest of the Municipal and rural areas do not have even such a facility. Due to land constraints the septic tanks have volume constraints and due to high water table scenario, the leach pits overflows, especially during rainy season which extend up to about 150 days in a year. Therefore, there is a requirement of clearance and removal of septage, the facilities for which are not available anywhere in the state. The practice now is to collect the septage using vacuum suction into tankers which are then emptied into open spaces and even water bodies, one of the most dangerous practices. Therefore, there is an immediate necessity of installing Sewage Treatment Plants, at least for treating the septage collected from septic tanks and leach pits, the technical aspects of which are being worked out.   

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