Liquid Waste Management

Identified suitable site at all districts, in association with district administration, for establishing septage treatment facilities in a standalone mode.Vetting of tender documents for septage management projects to see the requirement specifications are as per the provisions contained in statutes and guidelines framed by Pollution control board and in the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986

Finalised design for a feasible standalone septage treatment unit suitable for Kerala.

In order to fill the data gap in the septage management sector, Suchitwa Mission has initiated a study in association with the Centre for Water Resources Development and Management on Septage Management. Through the study it is expected to bring out the details about the quality and quantity of septage generated in the State and to suggest a strategy for septage management.

Support of Rs.1 crore was provided to the Kerala Water Authority to provide septage treatment facility in the Elamkulam Sewage Treatment Plant as a co-treatment plant.

Sewage treatment plant at Government Taluk Hospital, Sasthamcotta (eco-restoration of Sasthamcotta) is under construction. 322 latrines have been provided to BPL families at Sasthamcotta Lake catchment area. Six girl friendly toilets and nine biogas plants have been constructed as part of school sanitation. As part of public place sanitation Suchitwa Mission constructed two sanitary complexes and biogas plant at Sasthamcotta Lake catchment area.

Two workshops on Septage Management were conducted participating all concerned at Thiruvananthapuram on April and June 2012 to take stock of the situation. SmtSunitha Narayan, noted environmentalist, attended the second workshop.


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