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Harithakarmasena, the trained team of entrepreneurs recruited to provide technical services and solutions on waste management projects are responsible for collection, transportation, processing, disposal, and management of waste in collaboration with respective LSGIs. As per the plan, a team of two Green Technicians visit 250 households in a ward. In a ward, sufficient task force members will be positioned with one Green Supervisor (a graduate able to operate computers and generate reports) for managing 5-6 team covering 15 wards. Thus, in a Grama Panchayat having 15 Wards the total man power will be 31. User fee fixed by LSGI is charged for the services rendered by the Harithakarmasena. The collection of user fee will be the responsibility of Green Supervisor. Further Harithasahayasthapanams (Technical Support Agency), the accredited agencies of Haritha Keralam Mission are deployed, on a cluster basis, to provide technical assistance to Harithakarmasena. NGOs, Companies, Community organizations having prior experience and technical knowhow in waste management are eligible to be selected as harithasahayasthapanam.

As per the G.O issued, the existing Kudumbasree or self-help groups can be considered as Harithakarmasenas upon approval from the concerned LSGI. Municipalities, Grama, and Block panchayats in the district without a similar mechanism can invite expressions of interest from eligible agencies (local entrepreneurs or non-governmental organizations) to function as Harithakarmasenas. Priority is given to efficiently functioning local Kudumbasree units and in the absence of this, the LSGIs can hire the service of NGOs or entrepreneurs through a competitive process. Harithakarmasena sustains itself on an enterprise model collecting user fees for services, sales of recyclables, inoculum, sales and services of composting devices etc.

The main duties of harithakarmasena are:

  • Publicity and awareness generation, estimation of waste generated, giving proper instructions and guidance to houses and institutions to manage composting devices, making raw materials for source level composting (inoculum) available in houses/institutions,
  • Collecting non-biodegradables on a calendar basis
  • Attending to issues reported by households and institutions regarding source level waste treatment in 24 hours, mobilizing the support of harithasahayasthapanam, if required
  • Provide services mentioned in the overall waste management scheme, as directed by the LSGI

Based on the data collected by harithakarmasena, the LSGI will formulate a DPR for waste management interventions. Harithakarmasena, Harithasahayasthapanam and LSGI jointly work to operationalize the source level & community level waste management projects and related mechanisms, as approved by the council