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Govt Order


G.O  Number Date Subject View
138/2019/LSGD 23.01.2019 Annual plan schemes of Suchitwa mission for the year 2018-2019
 40/2019/DMD 17.01.2019 Safe disposal of flood debris at Brahmapuram in Ernakulam _ Release of fund _ orders sanctioned  
 39/2019/DMD 17.01.2019 Removal of waste from Paddy fields of Private concern in Kumily Panchayat _ Amount sanctioned _ Orders issued  
 35/2018/LSGD 05.01.2019 SBM (G) -ODF Sustainability _ Formation of State level ODF - S Cell _ Sanction accorded  
 3281/2018/LSGD 31.12.2018 Revised subsidy rate for House-hold level composting devices and Biogas plants  
 3258/2018/LSGD 28.12.2018 Annual plan schemes included in Green Book for FY, 2018-19 _ Suchitwa Keralam (Rural & Urban) _ revised AS issued  
 3171/2018/LSGD 18.12.2018 Opening of New Account for transaction of performance incentive grant fund under SBM(Gramin)  
 3170/2018/LSGD 18.12.2018 Release of Central and State share _ 1st instalment of Grant - in - aid for implementation of SBM(Gramin)  
3163/2018/LSGD  17.12.2018 Construction of dis-functional toilets using performance based incentive grant and plan fund of Panchayats.
 2851/2018/LSGD  07.11.2018  Construction of dysfunctional toilets in Urban areas with Septic Tanks using SBM(U) funds   
 2805/2018/LSGD  01.11.2018  Sanitary landfill at KEIL _ Rate fixed @ Rs.1796/- per Metric Ton   
2761/2018/LSGD   29.10.2018 Performance based incentive grant under SBM...release of fund -erratum -orders issued.
 2724/2018/LSGD 24.10.2018 Utilisation of ULB share of SWM projects included in DPR under SBM(U) -Guidelines issued.
2634/2018/LSGD  14.10.2018 Exempting employees from duties of PAU
2466/2018/LSGD 22.09.2018 Release of 392 lakhs to ULBs from Budget share
132/2018/LSGD  19.09.2018 Mass cleaning movement in LSGIs-Directions issued
65/2018/LSGD  13.09.2018 State Policy on SWM in terms of SWM rules 2016


 10.09.2018 Utilization of 100% SBM(G) fund for SLWM projects placed by Local Bodies
2354/2018/LSGD  04.09.2018 Performance -based incentive grant - release of fund.
5784/2018/LSGD  04.09.2018 Green Protocol made compulsory for Govt. organised programmes and meetings
2313/2018/LSGD  23.08.2018 Flood Relief-Renovation and reconstruction activities made a part  of 2018-19 Annual Plan for LSGIs
 453/2018/DMD  20.08.2018 Flood Relief measures-Clearance of flood affected areas-orders issued.
 451/2018/LSGD  19.08.2018 Flood Relief - Arrangements for collection, sorting and distribution of various items to relief camps
 2288/2018/LSGD   19.08.2018 Rain disaster- measures to be taken for bringing back flood affected areas
114/2018/LSGD  17.08.2018 Rain disaster procedure for initiating relief activities
 2159/2018/LSGD  05.08.2018  Sanction accorded to Panchayats to utilise Central share of SBM(Gramin) for Institutional / Community level projects
 2141/2018/LSGD  03.08.2018  Sanction accorded to construct LWM plants in Hospitals under LSGIs using 100% Govt. share from Suchitwa Mission
 2138/2018/LSGD  03.08.2018 Chinnakanal Panchayat permitted to construct Toilet Complex in Sooryanelli using Suchitwa Mission share of Rs.10 Lakh
 2142/2018/LSGD  03.08.2018 Suchitwa Mission authorized to fund 100% of the project cost for installing WM Plants in Govt./aided Institutions, Hospitals, Quarters etc. which are unable to have any source of fund
 2139/2018/LSGD  03.08.2018 Sanction permitted to LSGIs for utilizing fund placed for projects to new plants and for O&M cost.
 2047/2018/LSGD  26.07.2018 Rain disaster Sanction accorded for spending own fund for cleaning activities.
 2267/2018/LSGD  17.08.2018 Sanitation activities to be undertaken by LSGIs.
 2087/2018/LSGD  30.07.2018 Administrative sanction accorded-SBM(U) Centrally Sponsored Scheme.
 1391/2018/LSGD  19.05.2018 To Utilise VGF from Plan fund for LSGs Orders issued 
 1357/2018/LSGD  16.05.2018 Annual plan schemes 2018-19-release of 1/6th of total allocation (Modified)
 1177/2018/LSGD  25.04.2018 Annual plan schemes 2018-19-release of 1/6th of total allocation
 1014/2018/LSGD  10.04.2018 Administrative sanction accorded for Annual Plan Schemes
 22/2018/LSGD  14.02.2018 Five Year Plan Preparation of remaining projects -subsidy guidelines
 407/2018/LSGD  09.02.2018  Fixation of Operational cost of Haritha Sahaya Sthapanam in Local Bodies
 387/2018/LSGD  08.02.2018  VGF Fund earmarked for construction of RRF through Clean Kerala Company
 25/2018/ITD  01.02.2018 Centralized e-Procurement of the State- Guidelines
 127/2018/LSGD  12.01.2018 Modified guidelines under sanitation of HKM
 254/2018/LSGD  28.01.2018 Administrative Sanction for release of Administrative fund under Suchitwa Keralam (Rural) for FY, 2017-18
 16/2018/LSGD  03.01.2018 Modified G.O. No. 3687/2017/LSGD dated 15.11.2017 (100% subsidy to Aided Schools for WM plants in public places)
 140/2018/LSGD  16.01.2018 SWM Rules 2016 Constitution of State Level Advisory Body (SLAB)
 11/2018/LSGD  03.01.2018 SM as Agency for technical and economic appraisal of DPR for SWM under SBM(U)
 3755/2017/LSGD  23.11.2017 Delivering Sanitation messages through Depts. having Public involvement
 885/2017/F&PD  17.11.2017  Formation of Steering Committee for development of Fishing Community
 3687/2017/LSGD  15.11.2017 100% subsidy for setting up composting units in Public Department.
 215/2017/LSGD  03.11.2017 Rainwater Harvesting & Well recharge (Guidelines)
 3436/2017/LSGD  27.10.2017 Creation of SPV for the implementation of Mega infra projects through KIIFB
 3214/2017/LSGD  05.10.2017 Green Protocol in Secretariat, Collectorate and other Govt. Departments
 3122/2017/LSGD  23.09.2017  Formation of SLAC for investment projects in Waste Management
 3012/2017/LSGD  11.09.2017  Appointment of ED, SM to the board of directors of Clean Kerala Company
 2998/2017/LSGD  07.09.2017 Administrative Sanction for Centrally Sponsored Schemes, 2017-18
 18/2017/ITD  23.07.2017 Concurrence of E&ITD on IT based schemes taken up by Govt. Dept.s' -revised guidelines
 2420/2017/LSGD  15.07.2017 Haritha Keralam-Guidelines for Waste Management
 2224/2017/LSGD  01.07.2017 Approval of rates specified by Navajyothi Biogas Specifications
 1966/2017/LSGD  03.06.2017 Revised Administrative Sanction and working instructions for SBM (Urban)
  1096/2017/LSGD   06.04.2017 Administrative Sanction for State Sponsored Schemes, 2017-18
 80/2017/LSGD  03.04.2017  Subsidy norms for composting techniques 
3057/2017/LSGD  15.09.2017 Person in-charge for effective implementation of HKM activities in Local Bodies
High Court W.P(C) No.5636/2016 10.06.2016  Prohibition of burning of plastic and rubber waste  
2732/2016/LSGD  24.09.2016 State level monitoring Committee for monitoring implementation of Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016
 2732/2016/LSGD  24.09.2016 State level monitoring Committee for monitoring implementation of Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016
 1826/2016/LSGD  02.06.2016 List of 53 Service Providers-Renewed
 3310/2015/LSGD  11.11.2015 Guidelines for Septage Treatment Plants (Brahmapuram) Operation & Maintenance
 321/2015/LSGD  15.10.2015 Implementation of Green Protocol in Plastic Free Sabarimala scheme-ban of plastic and other related products
 192/2014/LSGD  22.07.2014 Delegating Suchitwa Mission as authorized agency for issuing technical sanction to various projects
239/2012/LSGD 22.09.2012 Specifications and standards for HH level solid waste treatment plants
1457/2012/LSGD  28.05.2012 Waste management devices for school residential colonies
1418/2012/LSGD 23.05.2012 Engaging more agencies as service providers towards SWM systems in LSGIs 23.05.2012
678/2012/LSGD 05.03.2012 Financial assistance in setting up comprehensive SWM plants for GPs
581/2012/LSGD 25.02.2012 Implementing Solid Waste Management in Ministers' office, other government offices,flats etc.
561/2012/LSGD 24.02.2012 Waste Management-increase in subsidy for individuals
 96/2012/LSGD  10.01.2012 Setting up of pilot plant for STP in Kochi
 06/2012/LSGD   04.01.2012  Various actions for solving issues related to safe disposal of Municipal Solid Waste
20/2012/LSGD 03.01.2012 Associating with Kerala Agricultural University for conducting PG diploma course in SWM.
 323/2011/LSGD  27.12.2011 Prohibition restriction on use of plastic carry bags
2838/2011/LSGD 01.12.2011 Handling and disposal of solid waste in plastic carry bags and NBWs prohibited
1491/2011/LSGD  22.06.2011 Solid Waste Management in LSGIs- expanding the list of service providers
Circular  Number Date Subject View
389/DC1/18/LSGD(1) 20.08.2018 Flood relief inclusion of electrician and plumber in volunteer team
389/DC1/18/LSGD(2)  20.08.2018 Flood  relief processing of animal carcass in flood affected areas.
 334/DC1/2018/LSGD  21.07.2018 SBM(G)  Utilization of performance incentive grant -Guidelines issued
 78/DC1/2018/LSGD  31.05.2018 Arogya Jagratha _ Actions to be taken in LSGIs against spreading of Contagious diseases
 720/DC1/2018/LSGD  25.05.2018 Arogya Jagratha -Premonsoon activity -Urgent activities to be undertaken in LSGs
 176/DC1/2018/LSGD  04.05.2018 Implementing Green Protocol in Govt. Departments
 17/DC1/2018/LSGD  22.01.2018 Arogya Jagratha
 622/DC1/2017/LSGD  20.11.2018 Providing Technical Sanctions to local bodies  



Details of available land for MCF in LSGs
 400/DC1/2017/LSGD  19.09.2017 Revision of Plan Projects placed by Local Bodies - reg.
 382/DC1/2017/LSGD  31.07.2017 Freedom From Waste
09/2016/LSGD  14.11.2016 Waste dumping and polluting air  & water bodies-enforcement of acts and rules
 576/DC1/2016/LSGD 24.09.2016 Guidelines on use of Plastic carry bags
 09/2016/LSGD 23.06.2016 Interim order of the Hon'ble High court banning burning plastic and rubber in open space.
 1876/C1/2016/SM 01.08.2016 LSGIs to set-apart 10% of their plan fund for waste management
 1525/C2/2015/SM 01.08.2016 Directions to Dist. Coordinator in providing Technical Sanction to LSGIs
 178649/DC1/2015/LSGD 23.04.2015  Pre-Monsoon 2015-16-Guidelines
 39110/DC1/2013/LSGD  03.12.2013  Source level Waste Treatment Plants
 13270/RD.2/2012/LSGD  03.12.2012  Restriction to plastic carry bags
 47724/DC1/2011/LSGD 09.12.2011  Clearance from PCB as a pre-requisite to issuing licence of the local body to health care institutions.


Ordinance  Number Date Subject View
24395/Leg.F2/2017/Law 08.12.2017  Prevention of open dumping of waste into water bodies
 G.O(P) No.82/2017/LSGD 31.10.2017 Amendment of Kerala Municipality Building Rules, 1999
 G.O(P) No.81/2017/LSGD 31.10.2017 Amendment of Kerala Panchayat Building Rules, 2011
 No.21700Leg.C1/2011/Law 13.08.2012 Kerala Municipality (second amendment) ordinance (Malayalam)
 No.21700Leg.C1/2011/Law 25.11.2011 Kerala Municipality (second amendment) ordinance (English)
 No.21700Leg.C1/2011/Law 25.11.2011 Kerala municipality act- amendment


Proceedings  Number Date Subject View
 HKM/A2/1218/2017  23.05.2018 Haritha Keralam Mission -Calculation  of VGF
 HKM/A2/625/18  27.03.2018 Haritha Sahaya Sthapanam-Empanelled list
 463/C6/2017/SM  23.08.2017 Empanelment of Model Zero Waste
 1198/G/2016/SM  20.03.2017 LWM-Service Provider -DPR Preparation
 3510/G/2015/SM   23.07.2017 Empanelment of NGOs
 2640/C2/2015/SM  09.03.2017 Service Providers Empanelment
 1245/C1/2016/SM  01.03.2017 Crematorium in LSGIs-Agency empanelment
 2640/C2/2015/SM  02.03.2017 Implementation of LAMPS project on pilot basis
 2640/C2/2015/SM  02.03.2017 Extension of service area for Soorya Distributors
171/C2/2018/SM 27.02.2017 Date extension for use of Pelgreen Composorb Inoculum
 1198/G/2016/SM 21.02.2017  Enlisted Service Providers -Liquid Waste Management
 2869/C2/2016/SM 02.12.2016  Rate revision for Bio-composter, Kitchen Bin and Bio-digester Pot


Letter Number Date Subject View
3327/C2/2016/SM  24.12.2018 LSGI Secretaries-Identification of land for establishment of 'Recycling Parks'
KEIL/SM/2018/9  04.09.2018 Disposal of non-biodegradable materials spoiled due to flood water
G2.212561/12 26.08.2018 Treatment of Animal Carcass
 258/C2/2017/SM  12.03.2018 Letter to ULBs  Selected wards to transform into "Zero Waste on Ground"