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My Waste My Responsibility

Waste management is an important part of our daily living, especially if you are living in a city.  Remember, managing food and bio degradable waste at home, keeping non bio degradable waste clean and dry and handing over to scrap dealers or local body collection systems are as important as consuming food!



Green protocol volunteers at Koodalmanikkyam,Thrissur

Suchitwa Sandesha Rally as part of pre-monsoon campaign,Koothuparamb,Kannur

Cleaning drive conducted by Tourism dept. ,Kasargod

Palakkad District-MCF work completed at Kongad GP

Green protocol Marriage at Sreekrishnapuram -Palakkad District

Palakkad District- Capacity building programme -Suchitwa Gramam -Sundara Gramam Project -at Kanjirapuzha GP

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