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My Waste my responsibility

Garbage disposal is an important part of our daily living, especially if you are living in a city.  Remember, managing food and bio degradable waste at home, keeping non bio degradable waste clean and dry and handing over to scrap dealers or local body collection systems are as important as taking food!

Services & Solutions

Resource Persons
Persons of repute and experience guide Suchitwa Mission in planing waste management projects, training and monitoring
Green Protocol
Green protocol is the strategic action plan implemented to promote, reduce, reuse the materials and to make the city environment-friendly.
Success Models
There are a lot of success models around us regarding waste management from which we can learn and set an example for others.
Green Technician
Green Technicians are trained man power recruited to provide technical services and solutions on waste management projects.
Service Providers
NGO's of repute and prior experience of planing, hand-holding and implementing projects in sanitation/waste management/related sector to facilitate the local bodies.
Scrap Dealers
Scrap dealers and rag pickers who have registered with Suchitwa Mission. Locate your nearest scrap dealer
Material Recovery Facility (MRF)
A specialised plant, MRF, separates and prepares recyclable materials for remanufacturing and reprocessing. MRFs act as a temporary storage and segregation area before transporting the materials for recycling.
SWAP shops
SWAP shops are set up for promoting 'reuse' of materials by providing a public system for exchanging reusable goods that could be useful for others.
Kiosks are centres or facilities set up to make the public familiarise with various waste management devices and act as sales point as well


Green Protocol office in National live stoke Expo-2017 from Nov 10-13 , Kollam

Training for Municipal councilors in Swacch sarvekshan , Alappuzha

Haritha Karmma sena Training in wayanad

20th special school festival observing green protocol in Trivandrum

Lakkidi River conservation programme in Vaithiri Gramapanchayath , Wayanad

Modern Gas Crematorium in Meenangadi Grama Panchayath,Wayanad

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